With Skywin, you can expand your business as much as possible. It directly means you have the flexibility to start with the smart IT managed services. We host and manage the entire infrastructure services that include desktop, networks, servers and much more. Adjacently, we also resolve the networking issue that includes routers, firewalls, switches, virtual host and network hostage.

Some of our services include:

Email Options: We host, manage and maintain the email encryption, email archiving, archiving for compliance and smartphone mobility services.

Desktop Encryption: We fully manage the encryption process that includes administering policies, users, configuration and other aspects for the laptops and desktops that have Microsoft windows and Apple Mac operating systems.

Cloud SHIFT Desktop:  We provide a trouble-free, secure and affordable alternative to your desktop equipment.

Services we do

Our services are intelligently designed to make the optimize use of your time and resources. We work hard to make your business grow with full protection and security.

Install, Manage and Update the virus, spam and spyware.

Manage and monitor desktops, servers and networks.

Backup servers and workstations.

Hosting your emails in our data center.

Cloud-based services for providing access to your email anywhere.

Install and Manage firewalls, software updates and patches.

Provides 24/7 IT support.

Consulting services by the customer advocate.

We work very closely with the clients to make sure all the particular needs and demands are meet.  For getting flexible and simple solutions, Skywin proffers best IT management services in New Jersey, USA.